Wild Mushroom Bonanza

Wild Mushroom Bonanza

Wild mushroom Bonanza

Living here on the west coast provides us with so many interesting places to walk and hike as well as find hidden natural sources of native herbs, berries and mushrooms.
I’ve found sources of wild mushrooms sea asparagus, fiddleheads, watercress, wild berries, wild thyme, lovage and chives.
My wife and I have covered a lot of ground here in BC walking, birding and checking out the flora and fauna in several different locations of this beautiful province.
A neighbour who spent his whole life here in this area would tell me stories of the amount of foraged fruit and berries that was grown on the bluffs here that he and his family would seasonally harvest.
Just in the past ten years many of those old growth fruit trees have fallen to the axe via the on going land development.
On some of our spring walks we noticed the many fine damp mushroom patches along the ravines and in the mature untouched property.

My dad was taught from his father how to hunt for mushrooms and he passed his knowledge onto me on how to go about looking seeking wild mushrooms.
The many district forested areas here have lots natural grow areas to offer.
I would take early morning walks in the woods and follow his learned instructions the different mushrooms like Chanterelles, [Cantharellus cibarius] Morel, [Morchella esculentas, [Pine, [Tricholoma magnivelare] Shaggy Manes, [Coprinus comatus] Oyster [Pleurotus ostreatus] and Puff Balls [Lycoperdon perlatum] found growing wild.
He instructed me on how to recognize the differences between the edible and the non edible types.
I know it is simple to get mushrooms from the grocer or market but a good guide book for safe to eat mushrooms will get you started correctly.
Learning where they hide and under what tree is a fun way to learn what is growing in your parks.
It also will make a great outing for the family and when out walking the family pets.
Once you taste your wild picked bounty in one of these recipes your grow spots will become secretive and be a free source of vitamin loaded fungus for you to enjoy
After a mornings picking this was how my dad would cook mushrooms so as to enjoy them in several recipes over the next several weeks.
The following way of pre¬paring wild species of mushrooms is simple.
Morels, oyster and chanterelles are best.

Mushroom Bonanza.

5 lbs mixed wild mushrooms.
1/3 cup vegetable oil.
1/3 cup melted uncultured butter.
1 cup chicken stock.
2 tbs. soya sauce.
Salt and pepper.

Clean and remove any debris.
In a large pot on med high heat add oil and butter.
Add the mushrooms and stir coating the mushrooms evenly.
Lower the heat and continue stirring and cooking until the mushrooms are limp and have started to release their liquor.
Add in the chicken stock and soya sauce, stir gently.
When the liquid comes to a boil remove from heat and season with pepper and salt to taste.
Place into sterilized jars, seal and let cool.
Keep refrigerated.

Use the mushrooms from this recipe for steak or pizza toppings, quiches, frittatas omelets, cream of mushroom soup or tapas mushroom tartlet’s.
The best way is to place a few tablespoons of mushrooms on your plate and side with some good wine, aged cheese sliced tomato with country bread and enjoy your bounty.