thekitchenman Purveyor of Fine Foods

thekitchenman Purveyor of Fine Foods

thekitchenman mission statement is to share what you find and grow well! Over the years I was part of several kitchen teams. Working as an Executive Chef I produced several original recipes for franchises and for publication. I still keep a keen edge learning about the latest food trends and styles while visiting the kitchens with some of the best chefs of today.

Chef Friends like Iron Chef/My Shanti Vikram Vij; BC Eagle Ranch Resort Chef Daniel Pietrzak; Ucluelet BC Pluvio Chef Warren Barr; Surrey BC An Indian Affair Chef Gary Bakshi; Barbados Naru’s Fusion Chef Barry Taylor and many more across Canada.

I feel especially humbled to be an inspiration tutor to a young Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria Chef Aaron Gehrman. It’s his passion to succeed by taking total control with his world award winning pizzas and franchises. My dad Chef Con was my inspiration to make cooking my life and so was Aaron’s dad to him. After the past 50 years of cooking at many 5-star resorts restaurants, catering and instruction I have accumulated a contingency of applicable knowledge and connections with passionate food suppliers across Canada and the U S. I can now personally pay frequent visits to a well-known farm source for provisions of fruit, vegetable, herbs and edibles. My understanding of good methods of protein farms, artisan butchers, Great Lakes fisheries and oceans shellfish. I’m surrounded by some of the best area cheese makers, summer sausage and charcuterie experts. Confectioners and canners, local heirloom seed flours and grains. All my Charcuterie and Seachuterie items are from well know sources that have proven to be consistent for quality and service with up-to-date documents. In season, I forage the seasons freshest most flavour herbs, edible plants, fungi, flowers, micro greens, sprouts produced and needed in everyday menu plans. A rule of thumb I use is organic whenever possible no spray, garden items or inhumane practices. I procure farm fresh proteins, eggs, butter and cheeses from federally inspected sources. These days I’m back here in Woodstock Ontario the Dairy Capitol of Canada visiting both old and new farm sources to keep discriminating chef pantries stocked with menu items.

Today I offer my unique out door discriminating professional alfresco feasts roasting whole or parts of humanly slaughtered free-range animals. My cooking methods are experienced and well-rehearsed events prepared in the ground or on the spit.  Open flame shovel cooking and remote shore lunch services a specialty.

Life is too short eat mediocre food.