thekitchenman Purveyor of Fine Foods

thekitchenman Purveyor of Fine Foods

thekitchenman Chef Wayne Conrad Serbu; Purveyor of Fine Foods

bio 007I have cooked for many famous clients and celebrities over the years.

Thekitchenman is on a mission.

thekitchenman is on a mission to eat well!







I am still always keeping a keen edge learning and cooking with some of  the best chefs today.








Friends Iron Chef Vikram Vij and Burt Reynolds and Blair Bender

thekitchenman is a Purveyor of Fine Foods.

Over the past forty years I have accumulated a contingency of passionate food suppliers across north America. I regularly visit the source of my provisions  with  fruit, vegetable and protein farmers, artisan butchers, cheese makers, sausage and charcuterie experts confectioners and raw organic honey and grains.. What ever your taste requirements and budget can afford. thekitchenman can provide.

Life is to short eat mediocre food.

thekitchenman Personal Chef Services are available.

My unique out door locations and abilities to please any discriminating guest. My professional  alfresco feasts roasting whole or parts of  humanly slaughtered free range animals. My cooking methods are experienced and well rehearsed events prepared in the ground or on the spit.  Open flame shovel cooking and remote shore lunch services a specialty.

thekitchenman Butler services. with 16 years experienced in Estate Management. Bonded and insured Chef/Chauffer.

Thekitchenman does short and long term property estate housesitting, security, petting livestock care and pet transportation when required. Have taken care of  landscaping personnel and on hand outdoor garden and house plant care duties with care and pride.

thekitchenman is an experienced property management/administration under the owners directions dealing with all the maintenance trades.

thekitchenman Arranger Services. All aspects of in-home catering and party planning.

thekitchenman Kitchen Manager. All hands on chef positions; budget control; hands on kitchen training and  management; manuals recipes; menu planning and costing. Over 30 years chef and franchise experience in all aspects from design implementation, flow patterns, budget secured purchases food and labour cost.

What thekitchenman will do at your residence.







After completing a custom profile, thekitchenman chef  Wayne Conrad on a chosen date and time will shop for the menu items then come to your home, or chosen destination and prepare multiple meals for you your family and guests using his own stainless cookware and utensils.

This complete service starts with your personal Menu planning and approval.

Shopping will be done at your store specifications and from local grocery stores and neighborhood farms Bakers,  Butchers, Local Farms, and Markets will be used for Seasonal food ingredients and Organic Items. The local area grocery stores will be used for the staple ingredients in the food preparation. The choice is yours.








After the shopping has been completed the items you have chosen will be brought to your residence and upon your approval will be used directly for your menu entrees.

thekitchenman will not mind answering your cooking questions or mind if you choose to watch while it’s all being prepared. The prepared entrees will then be packaged, labeled and stored in the fridge or freezer with reheating instructions.

thekitchenman will leave your kitchen clean and tidy so you and your family can now  enjoy Executive Chef prepared home cooked meals throughout the week with out all the inconvenience of doing it yourself. Just think of the time and effort you now will have to enjoy with your family or other important business.

Special Dietary recipes on demand with a no attitude approach to serving first class cuisine.

I have a great amount of experience with references on caring for your best friend pet while you travel.

Back yard at J&C 006View my daily ramblings on thekitchenman Face Page on Timeline as thekitchenman.

I interact with other foodies daily and post and share food related information.

Over the years several recipes have been published and recipes are free for the asking.

If you would like a recipe or want to know about all thekitchenman services , leave a message for a quick response to any food related question!

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