The Caviar Bar King Fish.

The Caviar Bar King Fish.

The Caviar Bar; Chowder, Mussels, Oysters and Caviar..

When I was cooking at the Kettle of Fish on Pacific Ave; My cooking station was known as the Caviar bar. It was what the owner Glen Anderson and designer David Vance used for the overflow and small private dinning room. The bar was made from solid marble and beside a libations center it had a chowder steam pot and a wood/charcoal fired bbq. Caviar was sold by the ounce with frozen vodka. The chowder made to order which the customer picked the kind and the ingredients. I also bbq grilled just about anything from the sea.

This Char Grilled King Fish w/ Mediterranean Chop-Chop Salad or the Albacore Tuna Cobb Salad would be a daily caulk board catch of the day. So many fish like baby grouper, sea beam, sea bass, snapper or tuna. Endless fresh as can be entrees kept the customers coming back.

This was one of the most exciting restaurants I worked at. A regular customer Rudolph and Countess Barbara Valente asked me to do the menu, kitchen design and layout for a spa gazebo style open kitchen at their very New fashionable Sylph Salon on upper Grandville now called Suki’s Salon. Over the years while working in Vancouver my cooking was tasted by a lot of local citizens.

Today I still use most of the suppliers that I can be assured of top quality seafood. The Chop-Chop Nicoise Albacore Tuna Salad is chock full of tasty ingredients. The dressing a lemon balsamic, honey, wasabi infused vinaigrette. Juvenile Albacore Tuna is less saturated with mercury and I prefer the taste over Ahi. Lightly marinated with a lemon pepper olive oil sliced and set atop crisp romaine, fresh picked heirloom crims-tomato, bermuda onion and quartered artichoke heart, free range boiled egg. One tasty Deluxe Salad. The Selection of fresh shell fish and oysters was on a fresh sheet. My preference for the best oyster was the deep water Effingham’s which offer premium taste. Served many celebrities’ like Dennis Hopper and his posse who would come in daily to drink frozen vodka with caviar and fresh shucked oysters. Great Food and Good Memories.