The Alaskan King Crab is here!

The Alaskan King Crab is here!

The First Alaskan Red King Crab are now at the Steveston Docks!

The Red Crab are also ready for the crab boil at a more economical cost. Brought to the docks still living from the boat aqua tank and sold by the kilo.

I had to push my way through the huge Asian contingency to get at least one crab. One restaurant owner was yelling, he will take all that’s left. The sale is over.

I did get a few large red crab legs and did a quick seafood boil. The smaller red crab made a nice alfresco plate

I saved some of the broken off  big fat legs centre cuts that I got for a pittance. Decided to make a nice pasta dish. I poached them it in some lemon old bay seasoned water and butter. Let rest and shucked out the perfectly cooked crab meat.  I boiled some fresh Zara’s pasta, added 35% cream with parmesan garlic and butter, some fresh basil and lemon into a sauté pan. Yum! Life is good!