BC Wild Caught Sea Food.

BC Wild Caught Sea Food.

Genuine BC wild caught seafood. How does one know for sure? If the seafood is true wild caught than it will have a barcode that will give you all the pertinent details. Where it was caught, how with pole, line or net, the date and time of the catch. Once you find a fish monger that can give you honest answers, the fish is worthy of the price asked.


I usually shop at several different locations for a particular type of shell fish or ocean fish. Rock cod, sole, skate, scallops, dungeness, king crab, oysters, mussels, clams and all the seasonal stuff like spotted prawns, herring,  albacore and ahi tuna. The many species of squid, octopus, urchin and all the native delicacies are found here in BC. Grandville Island Market has a large selection and several long term fish mongers that once you know, will serve you with pride. Stevestson and the Ladner fish docks sell openly of the boats and yes there are deals to be had, especially when the catches are abundant.

The prawns and shellfish are so plentiful from razor clams to fresh mantle scallops. The variety of fanny bay and deep water shellfish harvests are a chefs delight.








The daily selection from left to right; Rock Snapper, Pacific Petrale Sole, Sablefish or Black Cod from the cod family. Halibut Filets from the Queen Charlottes and pole caught Sockeye Salmon. All that’s needed is a little butter, salt pepper and a splash of lemon for a perfect mouth-watering meal of omega healthy proteins to help self promote infinity. Some steamed North Pacific King Crab with Drawn bitter and pickled beans. Dozen Fanny Bay oysters, so sweet and salty fresh. So many places on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding Gulf Islands offer up fresh or smoked as the seasons come and go. The different species of salmon from the mighty wild sockeye to the common coho along with the wild lake and char trout that can be caught in the many glacier lakes and rivers. The mighty Frazer sure does supply us with a lot great product and when the season is on, you can dine cheap and cheer full alfresco. style just about any pier or dock that’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

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