Back Yard  BBQ

Back Yard BBQ

When the BBQkitchenman is doing his work at a back yard alfresco party, it is important to make the food as exciting and unique tasting as possible. I want my host to get lots of compliments. When I put together a menu for the party, I like to hear how much of a Gourmand the host wishes for me to be! One of the BBQkitchenman sure hit back yard chow downs is this menu.  Now this meal started with a BBQ grill full of fresh caught prawns, some spicy wings, garden fresh salad and a cold watermelon spritzer too start. Mian course, New Orleans rubbed seasoned Chicken Legs. Cherry Smoked Honey Garlic Ribs, Slow Smoked Pulled Beef Brisket with a Root Beer BBQ Sauce,  Crumbly Topped Mac and Cheese, Almond Butter Blanched Green Beans with an oven fresh Parker House Roll and ending with Watermelon and Rhubarb Cusard Pie.
Welcome your guests with a cool watermelon libation.
While the grill is getting to tenperature, throw on some chicken wings.
It will get things off to a quick start.
Serve up some Tequila Chili Lime Prwns to get the party into a snacking frenzy.
Ribs are starting to look good!
Chicken Legs are doing just great.
The Ribs are fall-off the bone ready!!
The Low and Slow Beef Brisket is ready to be pulled.
The Fresh Picked Garden Salad is all dressed and tossed.
The Fresh Almond Onion bGreen Beans are ready!
The Mac and Cheese. What a beauty casserole I must confess!
Lets Eat!