Pennsylvanian Dutch Pig Tails

Pennsylvanian Dutch Pig Tails



















Take 18 large tails about 10 inches long showing some of the bone cartridge, white fat and meat.

A good butcher will be able to get pig tails with some advance notice or try a large farmers market. Ask for large premium quality. To prepare; In a large roast pan line the bottom with a layer of cooking onions.

Season with some garlic powder sea salt and pepper. Lay the pig tails over the onions and add more seasoning coating the tails well.

Roast uncovered at 350 until you see the fat starting too liquefied; about 1 hour.

Remove from oven drain fat, save onions and replace tails.

Piggy Tail Sauce;

In a large bowl add equal amounts or 1 cup of ketchup, mustard, soya sauce, brown sugar, molasses and pineapple juice.

This sauce can be made days ahead which will heighten the flavours.

Blend well and then pour a little amount over each tail, brush and massage each tail completely coating them with the sauce.

I use a mini jar cleaning mop for a basting tool. Holds lots of sauce and can be cleaned easily.

Place the rebased tails back into the hot oven but for the final cooking turn down heat to 300 degrees. Continue to cook for approximately another hour and then baste with sauce.

Turn 180* when showing char marks Cook for one hour more and baste again.

Remove from the roasting pan and let rest on a plate.

Remove the accumulated fat from the cooking juices and reduce down for a delicious sauce.

Pass the sour kraut!