Italian Pool Hall Sub

Italian Pool Hall Sub

Italian Pool Hall Sub.

When I was younger, playing 8 ball was a favourite past time at the resorts. Over the years where ever I was working I would seek out a billiards table and bang around a few balls to sharpen my pool playing skills. Lots of the staff like playing pool. Back in Galt there was this one billiard hall counter canteen that made a mighty fine deli sub. It was this ground up pickled condiments that made this sandwich stand out to me.

I now make this sandwich using my favourite fresh baked Italian style crusty roll or fresh bake focaccias loaf.

From the market I would get a good selection of the fresh authentic Italian deli cuts available, some provolone cheese and a scoop of the anti-pasta pickled veggies. Don’t forget to ask for a least 2/3 thin slices of mortadella, salami, capicola, prosciutto ham, picante sausage. I then would fine mince chop an suitable amount of the pickled items and make a condiment spread tossed with a little virgin olive oil to add to the sandwich fixing’s. I still make this pool hall sandwich here in BC but miss the old style crusty rolls from Toronto.

It sure was a great to shop in many locations at deli’s and small stores for my shopping needs back when I was living across Canada

Give this sandwich recipe the next time you are feeling like a Italian/Portuguese Mediterranean taste experience.