Gazpacho Elixir

Gazpacho Elixir

Gazpacho Elixir

Working as an Executive Chef means that you must possess decorum, accountability and the ability to speak in front of a group of people besides being a humble cook.

Over the years I have had to lecture on the proper methods and procedures of cooking too many teams of staff. I also had to converse to guests and diners about my style of cuisine.

I gave many presentations at dinner parties and seminars as well as a lot of cooking demonstrations. One of these venues I liked to do was the International Ploughing Match because of my connection to farmers and their commodities.

I would give helpful cooking techniques and instruction as well as being candid and knowledgeable about the food item I was doing the demonstration on.

All throughout my career I would try and locally source all my produce.

It was my assurance that I would receive top quality items that the farmer had taken pride in growing for such a fickle market.

Today we all know how pricey and hard it is to find a tasty tomato, crisp cucumbers and fresh green lettuce.

I always judge a restaurants status on the quality of its servings of vegetables. When you are paying a premium price for an entrée all the food items on your plate should be as satisfactory as the chosen main protein item. I extremely dislike when I get served a dinner that has great tasting lamb but the potatoe and the vegetable that it was sided with lack any fresh flavour and are just ho hum!

Two thirds of the meal bring failing marks because of chefs who are not responsible enough to serve their paying guests top quality side accompaniments along with the entrée as well.

It’s great we live surrounded by local farms that supply such good tasting fruits and produce.

One recipe that I would demonstrate and give out samples of is my Gazpacho Elixir that I would jokingly say that I would not be held responsible for any friskiness after drinking.

It’s simple to make and is a healthy refreshing cocktail or served as a seasonal cold summer soup.


You will need.

½ English cucumber peeled.

½ Spanish onion chopped.

2 vine ripe tomatoes quartered.

1 green bell pepper seeded and chopped.

1 large clove of garlic.

1 litre of tomato juice

2 tsp. fresh red wine vinegar.

1 small hand full of fresh dill and parsley or if you like use cilantro.

1 dash olive oil.

1 dash of tobasco sauce

1 dash of worchestershire sauce.

Pinch of kosher salt and a couple grinds of black pepper.

1 juicy lemon cut into 4 thick slices then halved for garnish.

In a blender or food processor add the vegetables and some of the tomato juice.

Pulse to puree. Add remaining items and the rest of the juice to the machines capacity. Pulse puree till smooth.

Place in a large pitcher and rim a chilled glass with a lemon garnish and serve.

Makes a great cocktail with a shot of chilled Vodka added.

When used as a soup entrée just add some fresh croutons or side with fresh nacho chips and a twist of lemon for garnish.

[Makes 8 – 6 oz. servings]