Canada Day Birthday Celebration

Canada Day Birthday Celebration

Canada Day Birthday Celebration.

The Provincial Parks are allowing  access and camping to celebrate if you can get a spot
thekitchenman likes this retro recipe my aunt would make for the weekend to celebrate Canada Day at the cottage near Algonquin Park. The ingredients were simple and quick to assemble.
2 packages strawberry jello.
2 packages vanilla pudding, cool whip or  dream whip
2 lbs. strawberries....
Slice the nice berries and use for the top layer. Chop the bruised ones and the trim.

Follow directions on the jello package combining the two adding the chopped strawberries.

I use half boiling water and half cold apple juice.

Chill in a 9×13 baking dish or cup cake forms using vanilla pudding,  dream whip, cool whip  when you are ruffing it at the cottage. 

Follow directions on the packages. Apply in a nice thick layer on top the jello foundation.

Back in the fridge or cooler to set.

Just before serving take the nice sliced berries and make this simple Canadian Flag topping celebrating Canada’s 150 Birthday.
Have great holiday weekend.