BBQ Roasted Back Ribs

BBQ Roasted Back Ribs

BBQ Roasted Back Ribs

This past summer I was on stage doing a cooking demonstration at the Surrey Fusion Festival. I met lots of cooks and chefs that I have lost contact with and it was great meeting and hearing about their new adventures. It was great tasting all the unique foods that were offered from around the world at the Fusion Festival.  All the different country delicacy’s kept me in a food nirvana for most of the day.

The festival participant’s spirits were high and it was a well-run cultural Pow-Wow.

If I ever re-enter this major food festivale I will introduce one of my favourite edibles, the kitchenman’s BBQ Roasting Rib Sauce.                                                                                                         When I was competing in the Pork Roasting events with my team, we would have many impromptu backyard BBQ’s testing and tasting new sauces and marinade recipes. We were always improving on our cooking techniques and flavour. This unique rib cooking bbq sauce recipe is the one that I won many awards with and years ago it was my main defending taste ingredient known as Kitchenman’s BBQ Rib Cooking Sauce. The uniqueness was that it’s a two part cooking sauce; one flavour marinade to pre-cook the ribs in and the other much thicker sauce to brush on as the final BBQ sauce. This procedure and recipes that follow will take your next baby back rib feast to a fall off the bone, lip smacking, bone sucking crescendo.

To make the BBQ sauce you will need;

12 cups of brown sugar

6 cups of Heinz chili sauce

6 cups Heinz tomato ketchup

3 oz. of concentrated onion juice

1 oz. concentrated garlic juice

1 ½ cups of fine minced onions

2 tbs of Spanish paprika

2 tbs of French’s prepared mustard

1 cups white vinegar

1 cup cider vinegar

1 tbs of kosher salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

Simmer in a non-aluminum thick bottom pot for 3 hours stirring frequently until the sugar has completely liquidised.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Store sauce in sterolized lid glass jars.

To make the Rib Cooking Sauce you will need;

1 cup white sugar

2 tbs fresh granulated garlic powder

2 tbs of granulated onion powder

¼ cup of smoked Spanish paprika

¼ cup China Lily Soya sauce

1 tsp of ground pepper

1 cup prepared mustard

1 cup Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce

4 cups Heinz tomato ketchup

2 cups fresh tasty pineapple juice

2 cups full strength root beer

4 cups white vinegar

1 cups cider vinegar


In a non-aluminum pot add the root beer and bring to a rolling simmer to reduce by about a half. Now add all the other ingredients and continue to simmer and frequently stir for about 1 hour. When finished add to sterile glass jars with lids and store in the fridge. Use  enough of the cooking sauce to thoroughly coat a rack of ribs being cooked. In parchment paper place the scored rack of ribs and brush on a coat of the sauce completly folding into a closed package. place into a roasting pan. Bake for 2 hours covered in a 325 degree preheated oven or BBQ. Remove the ribs and set aside. Let stand untill you are ready to serve. Save the cooking juices that have accumulated. Now use this rib cooking sauce to thin out the thicker BBQ sauce which will enhance the  flavours. Now place the precooked ribs onto a pre heated medium high BBQ grill and brush on the thick BBQ sauce the ribs sealing them in with the sauce. Follow this procedure for each rib rack and a few times while cooking to layer the sauce. Now continue to bake covered at medium to low temp [300 degrees] for another 90 minutes or untill the meat pulls away from the bone easily. Remove from the BBQ and let rest for 5 minutes and side with some potato salad and coleslaw.

If it rains, the same proceedure can be done indoors using the oven.