Kim-Chi Cocktail Bison Burger Sliders

Kim-Chi Cocktail Bison Burger Sliders

Kim-Chi Cocktail Bison Burger Sliders.

I like a good burger slider. Finding the right bun foundation is the key.
Cocktail Kim-Chi Bison Burger and other Sliders on Pretzel Buns.  They are yummy good using cut kimchi and adding some of the chopped cabbage to the Bison Ground Burger Mix. I like the way a pretzel bun can take a lot of hot au juices and still holds together till the last bite.

By shaking things up a wee bit I like to make a trio of flavours.
One scrumptious fresh chopped sirloin beef burger with fried onions, gorgonzola cheese crumbs and double smoked bacon keeps things original. Now a nice beer battered chunk of halibut with a tasty tartar sauced micro green cole slaw and a few fried silver dollar chips. A great seafood lovers tapas. And my favourite slider is the Canadian back bacon slider, Made with a fried green tomato, confit bacon slices and curly kale lettuce. One for the BLT lover in you.

A nice play on a Slider platter.

The always a favourite ground sirloin beef chuck with steak seasonings and made to taste like a dam good burger bursting with a 2/3 punch of flavour.. A simple quick snack that can made in batches as much or little as needed. Pound of fresh ground beef with 1 egg, some minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, salt pepper and 1/2 cup breadcrumbs Mix together in a bowl and hand form 8 golf ball size portions and form into small beef patty’s. I start them in a fry pan on the stove them into a 375 degree oven. Slice and toast the buns, pickle, tomato. lettuce mustard and relish. Let the game begin. The simple way is the best way and the choice is all yours. King Crab Sliders with some Kettle Chips. Mix crab meat with a flavoured mayo inside a toasted grilled parker house dinner roll. Breaded and Fried Oyster is also a favourite.