Pig Tails thekitchenman Way.

Pig Tails thekitchenman Way.

Pig Tails thekitchenman way from scratch.

To some these pig tails are a culinary masterpiece and would  Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands Ivan Pavlov from just looking.

Others, probably would be hiding their utter disbelieve that some would actually eat one.

Hey, I put the sewer in connoisseur and am proud of it. I am thekitchenman.







The question is, could you eat the rear end of a pig? If you answered no! Than I suggest you leave the page now.
On the other hand if you answered why sure and love Pennsylvanian Dutch Mennonite Cuisine, stick around because I will be cooking an Oktoberfest Staple that was taught to me by Albert Norris the once proud owner of the Pennsylvanian Kitchen on King Street Kitchener and also the famous Norris Bakery that in our past were the finer places to get great German/Gypsy food that would schmeck.
Now I have spent a great amount of my cooking career eating other chefs favourite meals.
In some of my catering positions I would sometimes be amongst top notch chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Jacque Pepin, Jamie Oliver Vikram Vij etc.
When ever the subject of what part of the pig do you love the most, the word pig tail surfaces and soon find that I am not alone when taking this part of the porker to it’s sublime Confit finish. The photo above is the collective work stretch of over two weeks cutting by the Butcher Meister Eugene at Heritage Meats in Langley BC. Their pork products are non medicated and are fed a great selection of grains and roughage. The Farmer intimately knows his animals and humanly as possible takes their bodily offerings to the point of no return. In other words the pig never knew what hit him and Bobs you uncle. I will be doing the recipe starting with the basting sauce and be taking step by step images and showing the products and the procedure techniques to make what some top chefs that have eaten my pig tails say, mind blowing delicious Mr. kitchenman!
I start by reducing a 2 litre bottle of a Full Strength Root Beer
by two thirds.
The 1 litre of unsweetened pineapple juice added to the reduced root beer liquid and brought to a rolling simmer and reduce down again by 2/3rd’s
These are the next ingredients that will be added to the root beer and pineapple reduction. The kitchen aroma smells like toffee. Now adding 2 cups of fresh tomato ketchup, 1/2 cup yellow mustard, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup worchestershire sauce, 1/2 cup of dark soya sauce. Add these to the reduction and stir and blend in all the solids that are floating until they disappear. Resume a rolling simmer and be sure to mix often and that the bottom is not scorching. It bubbles like thick syrup so keep a wooden spoon and clean up cloth handy. Slowly let the sauce simmer and now after tasting it, should taste like a good sweet and sour savoury salty syrupy sauce with a good vinegar kick. The viscosity should be satiny-smooth and slowly drip off the spoon. When this is achieved the basting sauce is almost done. Slow simmer and let it reduce while you start part two. Now we start to season the tails with a simple rub.. Tbs; each of Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder Kosher Salt, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.
20140928_101928   20140928_100938
Now that the pig tails have been all lovingly massaged with the rub and olive oil let them rest and take on the flavours. The smoked paprika in the rub adds a smokey flavour to the basting sauce.
Place in the oven and set a timer for 1 hour at 375 degrees.
Let them relax and go have a beer and a snack while the sauce is still simmering and the tails are a roasting.
After the tails have been hand rubbed and are seasoned evenly the roasting has added the necessary charring that is why this step is so important. When you just roast the tails from start to finish in a sauce they turn out stewed and not roasted. Sorta like boiling baby back ribs. Rubber rite? Now arrange bringing the bottom tails to the top and letting the charred top tails bath in the fatty pork goodness for another hour.
The final half hour the sauce is done and the raw onion is mixed in along with  3/ bay leaves. This just will add a some raw acidic sugars and leave some onion flavourings on the tails.

The Marriage.

Several hours have past. The pig tails were hand seasoned and sent of to get a little tanning in the roaster to heighten the climatic introduction of the awesome taste combo, slow simmered basting sauce, meet pig tail. Now this sure is going to be a marriage made in heaven. The honey moon is where the sauce and the tail consummate the relationship as they slowly become intimate for the first time with each other in the roaster hot tub.. Don’t be shy the sauce says to the tails, let me show you how I would like for you to take a long lasting soak in my sassy sweet and sour stickiness. The tails being some what shy, slowly start to like where this is going. Time to let them have a little privacy together in the oven relaxation chamber. We will check back on them leaving them undisturbed for the next hour at 325 degrees with the lid covering any of the action going on inside. I think its only fare to say they are a nice couple and its time to have a beer to toast such a fine marriage. 10/4
Good to the last one.
Now you can start to appreciate the old Pennsylvanian Dutch comfort meal in the privacy of your own kitchen.
O be him brave the first man to eat a pig tail.