Beef Brisket Smoked Low and Slow

Beef Brisket Smoked Low and Slow

Momma! Gotta luv the low and slow bbq smoked beef brisket.










No matter if you slice it or pull it or even sauce it up big time. The all time BBQ favourite is a nice marbled heal fatty hunk of beef brisket.

My friend Kerry chopped down a few century cherry trees in his back yard that were damaged in a wind storm and stored the wood for the last 3 years to dry. We used few of the larger chunks and turned them into charcoal to use for higher heat cooking requirements. Made a great fire heat source with even temperatures in the BBQ. The smaller branches matured perfectly and during temperature trials I put several different combos of fowl, fish and meat to slow smoke too perfection. They all came out with a infused sensational smoke flavour ring in the first trial runs.

I’m using and 1940’s recipes for the rubs and up to 18 hours of low temp smoke. 20% marble is fine for a leaner cut but 35% is much tastier after a long smoke period. I’m going to try smoking some albacore tuna filets and some sockeye as they come in season.


Now I have to get out a get some nice fresh pretzel buns for the pulled fatty chunks riddled with some home made salsa. For the slices nothing beats a grilled fresh hoagie bun lathered with some mustard and mayo, fresh slices of tomato and lettuce salt and pepper. Just happen to be testing my new batch of polish ogorki pickles for this lunch.
Love the brisket sandwich!