Knotty Pine Rib Cooking Sauce

Knotty Pine Rib Cooking Sauce


Knotty Pine  Pig Tail/ Rib Cooking Sauce

This is the best roasting cooking sauce which was used for all the Knotty Pines bbq’d items. Just coat, cover and roast for perfect results.


White Sugar   1  cup

Garlic Powder 5 tsp.

Paprika 1/4 cup

Soya  Sauce 1/4 cup

Pepper  2  tsp.

Mustard   3/4  cup  Prepared

Lea & Perrin Worcestershire  1  cup

Ketchup   4   cups

Pineapple Juice  2 cups

Vinegar  5 cups


1.  Mix all ingredients together.

2.  Bring to a boil and hold 5 minutes.

3.  Store in glass jars.

4.  This makes about 1 1/2 gallons of sauce.

5.  For eighteen pig tails, or 10 racks of ribs, pour 4 cups of this sauce

6.  This recipe can be doubled.

STORAGE;  Covered jars in fridge.

LIFE EXPECTANCY:  3-4 weeks.

Place Pig Tails into a roasting pan with 4 cups of sauce and cook covered for about 3 hours at 325 degrees.

Remove the tails and skim off the roasting fat from the cooking juices.

Reduce down by 2/3’s and use as a glaze when reheating the tails.

Serve with fresh coleslaw and tasty potato salad.


The KnottyPine Kitchenman