Cinco de Mayo Spit Roasted Hog.

Cinco de Mayo Spit Roasted Hog.

The art of spit roasting a whole pig takes a few rehearsals to make it perfect. Learning from the professional BBQ pit masters has been long an slow in the learning. Some times you have to go full circle.

Knowing the perfect rubs and having the bang on timing is essential to achieving the best results in taste and appearance. When I was chef at the famous Red Hot and Blue Pit Bar-B-Que. Knowing the quality of the pork and brine were key to perfect flavour. Setting it up takes lots of pre preparation. The source of heat is about the most important thing one must be in complete control of. It means the difference between being uber delicious mouth watering or just a pedestrian bbq hog pull apart.

For one of the best tasting bbq’s an simple to apply choice marinade rub is this all natural vegetable “Salsa Lizano” from Costa Rica. It wins awards and sure gets hi praise.

Choose the right sides to make the meal user friendly.

Some roasted new red jacket spuds with onion and bacon set in tin foil packs around the coals as the pork is on the bbq. Make  a lot of these. Makes great potato salad the next day.

A fresh garden salad with a simple oil and vinegar dressing using olives fresh herbs and some feta cheese.  You can never fail serving good firecracker coleslaw to add the right amount of texture to the pork sandwich Yum!

When the hog is done and you just used up 20 plus hours from start to finish to prepare this feast, take the time to cut the portions right from the spit. A sharp knife and meat fork with a clean apron is all you will need. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Time for an ice cold Margareta.